Glowing Rainbow Slime

Sure… glow in the dark slime is fun.  And so is rainbow slime.  But what if we combined them?  This cool slime is a way to play with colors and light!
You will need….
1) Corn Starch
2) Water
3) Fluorescent paint (The more colors the better)
4) Black UV Light
5) Container to play and store your rainbow slime
Pour corn starch into your container and then add your water. You don’t need to measure this just pour the water onto the corn starch and mix until you get a slimey consistency. The more rainbow slime you want to make the more corn starch and water you use. Just experiment around with what works best for the amount of people who will be playing with it.

slime 003

Once you have a good slimey consistency add your fluorescent paint to the top of your mixture and then begin to stir.  (Turn on your black UV light if you are using the fluorescent paint).  Enjoy!

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