Q and A

Reflection: WordPress at EDMO

The reason we made this website, is because of Camp EDMO – a summer day camp that promotes technology and creativity.  Here is our review of a week of WordPress

Question 1.  If you could describe your experience in one word, what would it be? Our word would be enjoyable.  We were excited to start working on our website.  As we started, we enjoyed collaborating with each other and seeing how people reacted to our website.

Question 2.  Would you want to continue the blog?  Yes, because we enjoyed making it and we want to add more to it.  It turns out lots of people liked our website so we want to continue.

Question 3.  What would we have done differently?  We would have added more topics on our website.  We would have expanded it to be more original.  So if we do continue the blog, then we would blog about varied topics.

Question 4.  What will we pursue after this week?  We never thought that people would actually like our website.  So now that they do, we want to pursue making the website and start blogging.  We might even start making YouTube videos and actually putting our “content” out there.


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