Cookies and Cream Parfait

Cookies and cream parfait is the perfect 3 step, no-bake solution to your sweet tooth!  With just three ingredients, you can eat this cold treat in minutes!  So let's go! INGREDIENTS 1 small tumbler Chocolate pudding Whipped cream (Cool Whip) 1 package of Oreos INSTRUCTIONS Add your Oreos into a large Ziplock Bag EXCEPT ONE... Continue Reading →


Fudgy Brownie Cookies

These delicious desserts are the mixtures of the two best things - a cookie and a brownie! You can enjoy these treats any time, and savor the chocolatey, flaky, and fudgey taste in a cookie sized bite! Ingredients 12 oz . bittersweet chocolate chips 60-70% cacao 1/2 c . butter 3 large eggs 1 c... Continue Reading →

S’more Cups

Do you want to enjoy a delicious American classic from the comfort of your own home?Then make s'more cups!  These yummy treats taste really good on a cool summer night. These are good desserts for when you go camping or just at home!  So what are you waiting for?  Bring in the summer spirit with... Continue Reading →

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