Hand Sanitizer Fire Project

Do you want to do a project that is simple and ends up looking really awesome?!  Then make a trail of colored fire!  This cool experiment can be done with household materials and take a long time!  If you want to see what rainbow fire looks like, try this experiment! WARNING: ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES... Continue Reading →


Elephant’s Toothpaste

This experiment combines the two things everyone loves.  Lots of bubble foam and an EXPLOSION!  It's one of our favorite experiments!  Today we're going to try and make the biggest reaction. WARNING: ALWAYS WEAR GOGGLES AND GLOVES DO UNDER PARENTAL SUPERVISION DO OUTSIDE You will need... A large, clean beaker 50 mL of 35% hydrogen... Continue Reading →

Karl the Gummy Bear vs. The Potassium Chlorate

Today we're going to learn about the oxidization of sugar.  Basically we're going to blow up a Gummy Bear. WARNING: PARENTAL SUPERVISION NEEDED     ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES AND SAFETY GOGGLES EXPERIMENT IN SAFELY VENTILATED AREAS  -Potassium chlorate (5 to 7 grams) -Pyrex test tube -Tongs -1 Gummy Bear -Safety Goggles -You need to add... Continue Reading →


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