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Reflection: WordPress at EDMO The reason we made this website, is because of Camp EDMO - a summer day camp that promotes technology and creativity.  Here is our review of a week of WordPress Question 1.  If you could describe your experience in one word, what would it be? Our word would be enjoyable.  We... Continue Reading →


Magnetic Slime

Do you want to make a type of slime that will actually move?!  Then make magnetic slime!  Using a neodymium, this slime will actually "follow" you! Enjoy! 🙂 To make magnetic slime you will  need... Liquid starch Elmer's glue Iron oxide powder Disposable bowls A neodymium - rare earth magnet (a regular magnet isn't strong... Continue Reading →

Glowing Rainbow Slime

Sure... glow in the dark slime is fun.  And so is rainbow slime.  But what if we combined them?  This cool slime is a way to play with colors and light! You will need.... 1) Corn Starch 2) Water 3) Fluorescent paint (The more colors the better) 4) Black UV Light 5) Container to play... Continue Reading →

Karl the Gummy Bear vs. The Potassium Chlorate

Today we're going to learn about the oxidization of sugar.  Basically we're going to blow up a Gummy Bear. WARNING: PARENTAL SUPERVISION NEEDED     ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES AND SAFETY GOGGLES EXPERIMENT IN SAFELY VENTILATED AREAS  -Potassium chlorate (5 to 7 grams) -Pyrex test tube -Tongs -1 Gummy Bear -Safety Goggles -You need to add... Continue Reading →


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